Stop Boxer Digging

Boxers, like all dogs, like to dig…  this isn’t good news for your lovely garden.  However, you will be happy to know there are steps to help control your Boxer’s digging.  So keep reading to learn how to stop your Boxer digging.

Stop Boxer DiggingUse these tips to help stop your Boxer digging:

Have a set spot where your Boxer can dig

It’s in a Boxers nature to dig so you cannot stop your Boxer digging completely.  This can be a nuisance, epically if you have a beautiful garden.  What you need to do is establish a set spot within your backyard just for digging.  If you have a set spot, your Boxer will soon start to stop digging in other parts of your yard.  The set spot could be a sandpit for example.  Within this designated digging spot add some toys and yummy bones.  This will encourage your Boxer to keep digging there.  After time, your Boxer will establish a habit of digging in the same spot and the rest of your garden will be safe!  Remember, be patient; it will take time for your Boxer to learn where it is okay to dig.


Do not punish your Boxer for digging in the wrong place.  This will only confuse your Boxer and they will get anxious and scared and it will just take longer to stop your Boxer from digging.  Instead, if you see them digging in the incorrect place, stop them calmly and lead them to the correct digging spot.  If you catch your Boxer digging in the correct spot give them lots of affection.  They will soon associate digging in the same place with praise and affection.

Go on lots of outings

A good way to stop your Boxer digging is by taking them on lots of outings such as the beach or park.  Your Boxer will be able to dig to their hearts content at these places without getting in trouble.  This is excellent for both your Boxer and your garden!

Exercising your Boxer will help

Another excellent way to help stop your Boxer digging is by exercising your Boxer lots.  This will tire your Boxer out and they won’t have as much energy to dig.  There are lots of ways to exercise your Boxer such as going for walks, playing fetch or tug of war.

Keep your Boxer stimulated

If your Boxer digs it may be a sign of boredom.  So keeping your Boxer stimulated and busy is a great way to stop your Boxer digging.  The more your Boxer has to do, the less likely they will dig.  There are lots of things you can do to keep your Boxer busy such as taking them to the park or beach, joining a dog club or just playing with them in your backyard.

As mentioned above, it’s in a Boxers nature to dig and you can’t stop your Boxer digging completely.  However the above tips will help control the digging – so start controlling your Boxers digging today – your garden will love you for it!