A Boxers Diet

Are you a little confused about what or how much you should be feeing your Boxer?  Well then you may find the below information about a Boxers diet quite useful.  Continue reading to find out more.

A Boxers DietQuantity of Food

It’s really important that you don’t overfed or underfeed your Boxer.  Therefore getting the quantity of food just right is vital. The following tips will help you:

  • The amount of food you feed your Boxer depends on what stage of life they’re at.  For example a Boxer puppy will be fed a less amount compared to an older Boxer.
  • A useful tip is to ask your local vet or pet store to help you determine how much your Boxer should be eating.  They will make their decision based on your Boxers weight, age and size.

Type of Boxer Food

As with quantity, the type of food you choose for your Boxers diet is equally important.  The below information will help you in your decision:

  • Only buy dog food from a well-known, reputable brand.
  • Check out the back of the dog food packet to make sure it holds all the important nutrients and ingredients your Boxer needs.  For example, the main ingredient should be a source of meat.
  • If the main ingredient is something other than meat like wheat or similar, then maybe look at purchasing a different brand of dog food.

Wet or Dry Food?

It’s best to pick dry dog food over wet dog food when considering options for your Boxers diet.  Dry food has many benefits including keeping your Boxers teeth clean which can help in preventing teeth disease in the future.

Bones for your Boxer

Bones can also aid in helping out your Boxers teeth.  Therefore adding a bone to your Boxers diet every few days is a good idea.

Foods to Avoid

Some foods can be very harmful to dogs, including Boxers.  The following are just some of the foods you should never feed your beloved Boxer:

  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Pork bones
  • Chicken bones
  • Junk food
  • Human cookies


Using a small yummy dog treat is a great way to encourage your Boxer during the training process.  However, it’s important that you do not feed your Boxer too many of these treats.  If you do, then your Boxer has the possibility of becoming obese.

Homemade Boxer Foods

Some people like to make their own food for their Boxers diet.  This is fine; however make sure that it holds all the important nutrients and ingredients that your Boxer requires.  Also make sure you don’t add anything that your Boxer may be allergic too.


Water is a huge part of your Boxers diet.  If your Boxer becomes dehydrated then this can lead to more serious health problems.  Therefore make sure your Boxers water bowl is always full.

Looking after your Boxers diet is so important as it is vital for their health.  So feed your Boxer healthy and nutritional foods.  If you do this then your Boxer will be well on the way to leading a long and happy life.

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