About Boxer Health Problems

Boxers are mainly healthy dogs.  But like all breeds of dogs, there are still some Boxer health problems your should be aware of.  It’s very important to be aware of these so you can keep your Boxer as healthy and happy as possible.  Keep reading to learn all about Boxer health problems.

About Boxer Health ProblemsThis article will cover the following main Boxer health problems:

  • Boxer Bloat
  • Intestinal Worms
  • Tumours

Boxer Bloat

When learning about Boxer health problems it is important to learn about bloating.  Bloating isn’t unusual in Boxers and it can be very bad if left untreated.  Therefore if you notice any symptoms of your Boxer bloating, then you need to get them checked out by a vet straight away.

The symptoms of bloating are as follows:

  • Your Boxers stomach will appear bloated
  • Your Boxer will be drooling more than usual
  • Your Boxer may be sick
  • Your Boxer may act unsettled

Remember, get your Boxer to the vet straight away if you think they have any of these symptoms!

Intestinal Worms

Another thing you should know about when learning about Boxer health problems is Intestinal Worms.  Intestinal worms usually occur more on younger Boxers but adults can also get them.  It is important if your Boxer shows symptoms of Intestinal worms to get treatment straight away.  If left untreated, Intestinal worms are very uncomfortable for your Boxer.  Symptoms of your Boxer having intestinal worms include:

  • Your boxer being sick (nausea)
  • Your Boxer loosing weight
  • Your Boxer appearing weak or not having as much energy as usual

If your Boxer has any of these symptoms take them to the vet so they can give the correct treatment.

If you are worried about your Boxer getting intestinal worms you can schedule in de-worming treatments every four to five months as a prevention method.


Cancerous tumours are quite common in Boxers – therefore it’s one of the most important things you need to gain knowledge of when learning about Boxer health problems.  It is important to learn what to look for so you can get them treated straight away by a vet.  The earlier you pick up on a sign of a tumour, the better.  If left untreated or unfound they can spread.  Every month or so you should give your Boxer a good look over for possible tumours.  To check for tumours take the following steps:

  • Run your finger over your Boxers skin
  • Feel for any lumps on top of the skin
  • Feel for any lumps under the skin

If you notice anything out of the ordinary schedule an appointment with your vet.  You vet will be able to diagnose if it is cancerous and your Boxer can get the treatment they need.

When your Boxer gets sick, it’s scary.   That’s why it’s so important you learn all about Boxer health problems – it is the best thing you could ever do for your beloved pet. So remember, if you see anything out of the ordinary then it may be time to schedule a vet appointment.

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