About The Boxer Breed

Boxers make incredible pets!  They are friendly, loving, fun and will fit in well with your family.  Read on to learn all about the Boxer breed!

About The Boxer BreedLets answer some common questions about the Boxer breed:

What are Boxers like?

The Boxer breed is a medium sized dog.  They have a number of great characteristics that make them such great pets including:

  • Loyalty
  • Friendliness
  • Lovingness
  • Playfulness

Along with all these great characteristics Boxers are also good-looking dogs.  They are muscular, have a great coat, come in a number of colours and have big beautiful brown eyes.  In summary, they make amazing pets! 

Where do Boxers come from?

When learning all about the Boxer breed, you need to learn where they originated.  Boxers originated in German many, many years ago.  Back then they were usually used for hunting purposes.  Over the years they developed and they are now a loving, friendly and popular pet to own. 

Do Boxers get quite large?

As previously mentioned, Boxers are medium sized dogs.  Depending on the sex of your Boxer, they usually grow to a height of approximately 53 to 63 centremeters and weigh anywhere between 24 to 29 kilograms.

Are Boxers healthy dogs?

Luckily Boxers are usually healthy dogs.  However as with all breeds of dogs there are some health things you should know, just so you can keep an eye out.  Your Boxer may be prone to getting heart problems, skin problems, arthritis, cancer or even hearing problems.  This may seem frighting so if you notice anything strange to do with your Boxers health then take them to the vet right away.  It is also important to schedule vet appointments a couple of times a year even if your Boxer seems one hundred percent healthy.   Your vet will be able to check things that you may of missed and your Boxer can get the treatment they need if anything does seem amiss.

Do Boxers need lots of exercise?

One thing you need to know about the Boxer breed is that they do need lots of exercise.  This should occur daily and there are lots of ways you can do this.  You can take your Boxer for daily walks, play games with your Boxer and even go to the beach.  Your Boxer will love the exercise.  Exercising with your Boxer is also a great way to bond with them.

How long do Boxers Live?

Boxers normally end up living around 11 to 14 years.  To make sure your Boxer has a long life, keep an eye on their health.  As mentioned before, schedule vet check ups a number of times a year.

Do Boxers have lots of puppies?

Puppies can be a lot of work so make sure you do your research before letting your Boxer have puppies.  If you do decide for your Boxer to have puppies they will usually have from around 2 to 14 pups.

After learning all about the Boxer breed you can see they are an amazing dog.  They are loving, fun, attractive and will make a great fit in your family!

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