Boxer Crate Training

Does your Boxer misbehave, bark a lot, act anxious or have a habit of destroying things?  This can be helped – with Boxer crate training!  Read on to learn how Boxer crate training can help you and your beloved pet.

Boxer Crate Training!Will your Boxer be Fond of their Crate?

Introducing an unfamiliar object to your Boxer, such as a crate, may seem like a daunting task.  But never fear, nearly all Boxers become attached to their crate and enjoy it.  Remember, before dogs became pets they were wild animals who slept outside.  It was in their nature to find safe places to sleep such as small burrows.  So having a safe area like a crate will feel natural to your Boxer.  If you don’t have a set place like a crate for your Boxer, they could get agitated and aggressive.  Boxer crate training is important as it allows your Boxer to feel safe and it will eliminate them having any feeling of unsettlement.

When to Start Boxer Crate Training

Boxer crate training needs to begin from when they are a puppy.  So start Boxer crate training as soon as you get your new puppy through the front door!  If you start early, they will become used to their crate much easier than as they get older.  It is also important to never let your Boxer on your sofa or bed.  If this happens, it will be incredibly hard to get your Boxer used to a crate later on.

Where to Have the Crate

Your crate needs to be in an area where there are plenty of people around.  This could be the living room or kitchen.  If people are around your Boxer will feel more settled in their crate.  It will also decrease their chances of anxiety.

What Goes in the Crate?

An important aspect of Boxer crate training is creating a safe environment inside the crate for your Boxer.  Have a comfy blanket and mattress for your Boxer to sleep on.  Always keep the crate tidy and wash their blankets on a regular basis.  Make sure you have water for them and something fun like a toy!  Your crate shouldn’t be too big – just big enough so your Boxer can move comfortably inside.  If you have too large a crate they could go potty inside and you don’t want this!  By making your Boxer’s crate comfy and familiar they will end up loving it!

What to Do If your Boxer Gets Upset inside the Crate

An important part of Boxer crate training is not taking them out of the crate if they act upset.  If you do this they will think getting upset means they get to leave the crate.  Try not to take your Boxer out of the crate until they have been quite for five minutes.  Once this time is up you can remove them from the crate and give them praise.  Soon your Boxer will associate staying in the crate with getting affection.  With this training, after a while you should be able to keep your Boxer in the crate for a full night or day.

Boxer crate training is such an important training method.  It allows your Boxer to feel safe and gives them a place that is their own.  It will also decrease their chance of getting anxiety.  Start Boxer crate training today!  It will certainly be worth your time.

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