Boxer House Training

Nobody wants their Boxer to go toilet on the carpet.  It’s messy and time consuming cleaning it up.  Therefore it is essential to teach Boxer house training as soon as possible.  It may seem daunting, but in the long term the effort you put in will definitely be worth it!  So keep reading to learn some important information on Boxer house training.

Boxer House TrainingFirstly some basic facts on Boxer house training:

  • It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen – be patient!
  • Regularity and repetition is the key
  • You need to keep on alert to begin with
  • Your Boxer will make mistakes as you go along – this is normal
  • Reward good behaviour with praise and affection and do not get angry at mistakes

Have Regular Toilet Breaks

Boxer house training begins with regularity.  Take your Boxer out at the same times every day e.g. in the morning, in the evening, after eating, after they have had a sleep.  If you establish regularity with your Boxer you will start to see less of those not so nice surprises on your carpet!


Repetition is another important aspect of Boxer house training.  When you take your Boxer outside to the toilet use a phrase such as ‘toilet time’.  Repeat this each time you take them to their toilet spot.  Your Boxer will soon establish this phrase with going outside for their toilet time.  Also, take your Boxer to the same location each time.  Once your Boxer goes in the correct place praise them with treats and affection.  This will encourage your Boxer to keep going outside and in the same place.  Repetition is the key – it may seem like a difficult task but it will be worth it when the start going to the same spot on their own!


When you start Boxer house training it is important to keep alert for signs your Boxer may need to go to the toilet.  A sign a Boxer is about to go to the toilet is when they sniff the ground or start turning in circles.  If you see this, quickly take your Boxer to their designated toilet spot.  At the beginning you may need to do this a number of times.  But be patient, your Boxer will learn!

There Will Be Mistakes

Remember, your Boxer will make mistakes as they are learning and will have accidents inside.  It is important not to get angry at your Boxer when this happens.  Just clean up the mess and get rid of any smell so that your Boxer doesn’t try again in the same place.

Boxer house training may seem like a big, daunting task.  But your time, patience and energy you put in will be well worth it in the future.  Take these tips and start Boxer house training today – it will benefit both you and your beloved pet Boxer.  And you will have no more of those nasty surprises on the carpet!

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