Boxer Information

Do you want to learn some Boxer information?  You’re in the right place!  Read on to learn all about this amazing breed of dog!

Boxer Information!What do Boxers Look Like?

The following Boxer information will help you picture what they look like:

  • Boxers are very staunch, compact dogs
  • Their muzzle isn’t very long
  • A Boxers nose is quite big and high on their face
  • Normally, Boxers eyes are coloured dark brown
  • They are very muscular with strong necks, and powerful legs
  • Their tails are quite high on the body
  • Boxers come in lots of different colours – many shades of brown, black and white

What is a Boxers Personality Like?

Boxers have great personalities.  Keep reading the following Boxer information to find out more:

  • Boxers are cheerful, fun and active dogs
  • Boxers are also very smart and learn new things quickly
  • Boxers are social, and if brought up correctly, will bond well with your family, children and other pets
  • Boxers can be very energetic and this may become a nuisance so it is important to train your Boxer well – this will benefit both you and your Boxer
  • To control your energetic Boxer it is important to take them on lots of walks which they will love you for
  • Boxers are very protective which makes them excellent guard dogs
  • As Boxers are very energetic dogs, you will need to maintain your dominance as this will help calm your Boxer down and they will get on much better with your family

As you can see with the above Boxer information, they have full on personalities.  But if you train your Boxer correctly, you can control them and make the most of these amazing personalities.

How big do Boxers Get?

Some common Boxer information that lots of people are curious about is ‘how big to Boxers get’.  Read on to find the height and weight you should expect from a fully grown Boxer:


  • A Boxer dogs height is around 56 to 63 centremetres
  • A Boxer bitches height is around 53 to 61 centremetres
  • A Boxer dogs weight is around 27 to 32 kilograms
  • A Boxer bitches weight is around 24 to 29 kilograms

What Health Problems do Boxers Get?

Like all dogs, Boxers have some health problems you should be aware of.  Keep reading the following Boxer information to learn more:

  • Boxers are prone to heart problems
  • Boxers are also known to have skin problems
  • They are also know to get cancer, arthritis and tumours
  • It is common for white Boxers to have hearing problems

This Boxer information on health may seem scary but it is the same for a lot of dogs and shouldn’t put you off owning a Boxer.  Remember, you can monitor your Boxers health.  If you see anything out of the ordinary then get it checked out straight away!   And make sure you have regular vet check ups.

Exercising your Boxer

As previously mentioned in this Boxer information article, exercising your Boxer is really important.  Here’s some tips on how you can help with your Boxers exercise:

  • Have a medium sized backyard as this will allow your Boxer to run around outside on their own
  • Take your Boxer for regular walks
  • Play with your Boxer – Frisbee, throwing sticks, tug of war are all games you can play they will aid in your Boxers exercise
  • Take your Boxer to dog parks so they can run around – this will also help with their social skills

How Long do Boxers Live?

It’s not a nice question to ask, but it’s an important one.  The following Boxer information will help you answer this question:

  • Boxers usually live between eleven and fourteen years
  • Make sure your Boxer has regular vet check ups so you can make sure your Boxer lives as long and healthily as possible

How Many Puppies will a Boxer have?

Are you thinking of letting your Boxer have puppies?

  • Boxers can have anywhere between two and fourteen puppies so make sure you are prepared

As you can see from the above Boxer information, there are lots to learn about this amazing breed.  It is important to learn as much Boxer information as you can before you welcome a Boxer into your home.  The more you know about the breed, the more prepared you will be and the easier it will be for you and your family.

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