Boxer Puppy Training

So you have a new member to the family – a Boxer puppy!  How exciting!  Boxers make amazing pets as they are friendly, brainy and very loyal.   So what’s the next step in owning your new boxer?  Boxer puppy training of course!

Boxer Puppy TrainingYour boxer puppy training should start as soon as you get through the front door.  The earlier you start, the easier it will be!  And remember, time and patience with Boxer puppy training is the key!  Read on to find out what important things you should be teaching your Boxer puppy:

Toilet Training

Nobody likes a mess on the carpet… therefore toilet training is one of the most important aspects of Boxer puppy training.  The best method is by having structured times for when your Boxer goes to the toilet.  Plus always take them to the toilet in the same place.  If your boxer does well, reward them with praise (treats work good too!)  Your Boxer will establish praise with going to the toilet in a certain place and they will soon start doing it without your help.

Boxers Leash Training

Part of your Boxer puppy training is learning to use a leash. To start with, your Boxer will want to do their own thing and will try and lead you in all sorts of directions, so be patient – leash training won’t happen over night.  Start slowly and use rewards.  After time, your Boxer will become an expert on the leash and you can enjoy many walks together.

Simple Commands

Teaching simple commands is another important part of Boxer puppy training.  You can start teaching your boxer puppy simple commands from when they are quite young.  These simple commands include lie down, sit and stay.  Repetition is the key!  Repeat these simple commands on a daily basis and use treats and affection as a reward.   The more you repeat the better your Boxer will become at following the commands.  In no time, your Boxer will be an expert!

Start Boxer puppy training today!  With the above simple training methods, your Boxer puppy will become a well-behaved and valued member of your family before you know it.

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