Boxer Separation Anxiety

Boxers make great family pets as they are loyal, fun and loving.  Because of these traits your Boxer may find it hard to be away from you and your family.  They may bark, howl or wine when you leave them at home.  This is called Boxer separation anxiety.  However with the below simple tips you can learn to train your pet out of their Boxer separation anxiety.

Stop Boxer Separation Anxiety!Stopping Boxer separation anxiety before it begins

It is important to give your Boxer love and affection, but it is just as important to have rules and structure.  If you smother your Boxer with attention then they will get anxious when you leave home without them, thus causing Boxer separation anxiety.  Therefore start by having set guidelines as soon as your Boxer becomes part of your family.  These could be set meal times and only allowing your Boxer in certain parts of your home.   By having a balance between affection and structure your Boxer is less likely to develop Boxer separation anxiety.

Departing your home

A major part of stopping Boxer separation anxiety is by not making a huge deal when you go out without your Boxer. Do not give lots of pats and affection to your Boxer.  Just walk out the door.  If you keep repeating this your Boxer will gather that this is normal behaviour and they won’t get upset or anxious when you leave.

Returning to your home

As with departing your home, do not make a big deal when you return.  When you walk in the door do not give any attention to your Boxer for a couple of minutes.  This may be difficult to do but it needs to be done as it will show your dominant position.  If you act in control, your Boxer will feel safe and secure.  This will help lessen the chance of Boxer separation anxiety.

A Bored Boxer

If your Boxer is bored then this can lead to Boxer separation anxiety.  Ensure you have lots for your Boxer to do when you leave them at home.  Have lots of toys for them to play with.  This will keep them entertained and will help prevent Boxer separation anxiety.


Have a certain area where you leave your Boxer when you go out.  They will think of this as their safe place and again this will help stop the possibility of Boxer separation anxiety occurring.

If you can’t seem to stop your Boxer separation anxiety there are other methods you could try:

  • Take your Boxer to puppy day care during the day until they become less anxious and are able to be left at home on their own.
  • You could get a friend for your Boxer – another dog perhaps?  Having a friend around could keep your Boxer busy and they won’t be so upset when you leave the house.
  • If you can’t control your Boxers separation anxiety then you may need to get a professional in.  They will be able to give you expert tips on how to overcome Boxer separation anxiety.

Remember to start with these tips early.  The earlier you establish the above, the less chance your Boxer will establish separation anxiety.  So start preventing Boxer separation anxiety today!

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