Boxer Skin Problems

It is quite widely known that Boxers can get skin problems.  Therefore if you have a pet Boxer it is important to learn all you can about these skin issues.  That way you will be able to easily recognize if your Boxer does develop a skin problem and will be able to seek treatment straight away.

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The following are five common Boxer skin problems you should learn about:

  • Cutaneous Asthnia
  • Fibrosarcoma
  • Mastocytoma
  • Dermoid Cyst
  • Histiocytoma

Cutaneous Asthnia

Cutaneous Asthnia is a Boxer Skin problem that is luckily pretty easy to get treatment for.  If you notice that your Boxer has strange cuts on their skin that are hard to explain then your Boxer may have this condition.  As with Cutaneous Asthnia your Boxers skin will look like it stretches and tears effortlessly; thus causing the unexplainable cuts.


Fibrosarcoma is a cancerous Boxer skin problem.  You will notice it normally happens on your Boxers legs however it can occasionally form in other places as well.  Luckily your vet will be able to perform a surgery to remove the problem.  Unluckily however, is it generally comes back again within a year.


Mastocytoma is another common Boxer skin problem. Mastocytoma are cancerous tumours that can grow on any part of your Boxer, not just their skin.  Your vet will be able to get rid of these tumours with surgery.

Dermoid Cyst

A dermoid cyst is when a cyst appears on various parts of your Boxer such as their snout, tail, mouth or back.  Luckily they are not cancerous to begin with but they need to be removed so they don’t turn into cancer later.  It is important to get your Boxer checked out if you notice anything unusual in relation to this.


Histiocytoma are tumours that can grow on your Boxers neck and head area.  As with the above Boxer skin problem they are not cancerous to begin with.  However, it is very important they are removed quickly before they do turn into cancer.   As unfortunately if they do turn cancerous chemotherapy will not help.  So it is really important if you notice signs of Histiocytoma that you get your Boxer checked out by your vet straight away.

So what can you do to help with Boxer skin problems?

Now that you know the common Boxer skin problems it is important to learn more about them and what they look like.  This will allow you to recognise when your Boxer has a skin problem so you can seek treatment straight way.

So if you do notice an unusual skin problem on your Boxer make an appointment at the vet immediately.  Your vet will be able to find out what is wrong and help your Boxer get the best treatment possible.

Even if your Boxer seems healthy, make sure you still have vet check ups a couple of times a year.  Your vet will be able to make sure your Boxer is 100% healthy and you will have peace of mind.

Boxer skin problems may seem scary but they don’t have to be!  If you see anything out of the ordinary remember just take your Boxer to the vet.  They are trained professionals and the best people to help keep your Boxer happy and healthy!

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