Boxer Training Advice

Have you adopted a Boxer as a part of your family?  Do you need some Boxer training advice?  We’re here to help – keep reading to learn some awesome Boxer training advice.

Boxer Training AdviceIt’s up to both you and your Boxer

An important thing to remember is that not all the hard work is to come from your Boxer.  You both equally have to put the effort in.  You will reap the benefits if you put as much hard work in as your Boxer.

It will take time

Some important Boxer training advice we can give you is that training your Boxer will take time!  It will not occur over night.  You have to be patient and calm.  If you realise this before you start training, it will make the process a lot easier.  Your Boxer will also appreciate the time and effort you put in.

Take control

This Boxer training advice will serve you well – take control.  Boxers are pack dogs which means they will look for a leader within your family.  It is important that you establish that you are the leader, not your Boxer.  If you do this your Boxer will listen more and training will be easier.  The following are two ways you can establish your leadership position:

  • Eat your meals before your Boxer
  • Do not give your Boxer attention for the first 5 to 10 minutes after you get home

Start with the basics

Another important Boxer training advice tip is to start with the basics when training your Boxer. The best commands to start with are ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ and ‘stay’.   Use a strong voice and repeat the commands over and over again – repetition is the key!  The more you repeat the command, the easier it will be for your Boxer to pick up.  Be patient though, your Boxer will not learn these commands on the first go!

Treats and affection

An excellent piece of Boxer training advice is to reward your Boxer with treats or affection when they do something correctly.  Your Boxer will soon associate doing something good with a reward.  This will help your Boxer learn things more quickly.

So let’s sum up this Boxer training advice:

  • Both you and your Boxer need to put the same amount of effort in to get the rewards.
  • The training will not happen over night, it will take time so be patient!
  • You need to be the leader – take control and show your Boxer who is in charge.  This will make training your Boxer a lot easier.
  • Begin with the basics – ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ and ‘stay’.  Once these are mastered you can move on to more complicated training.
  • Reward, reward, reward!  Use treats and affection to reward your Boxer when they do something good.  Your Boxer will associate doing good with treats and will enjoy training.

If you follow this awesome Boxer training advice you will have a well-trained dog.  Start when your Boxer is young and be patient.   It will take time but the rewards of a well-trained Boxer will be worth it!

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