Dealing With Boxer Issues

Boxes make amazing pets – they are fun, loyal, energetic and friendly.  Even though Boxers have these great qualities, there are still a number of Boxer issues you will have to deal with.  Read on to learn all about dealing with Boxer issues

Dealing With Boxer IssuesIn this article we will cover the following Boxer issues and how to overcome them:

  • Housetraining
  • Socialization
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Aggression

Housetraining your Boxer

When dealing with Boxer issues, the most important is housetraining.  The last thing you want is a yucky mess on your carpet.  Therefore it’s really important to start housetraining your Boxer as soon as they enter your home.  If your Boxer goes to the toilet inside take them outside to finish and say firmly “no”. But remember do not get angry or hit your Boxer if they do go inside.  This will just make your Boxer anxious and it will take them longer to learn the right behaviour.   When your Boxer does go outside to the toilet on their own reward them with praise and affection. Your Boxer will slowly but surely learn that going to the toilet inside is not okay.

Socialization of your Boxer

Another important aspect of dealing with Boxer issues is socialization.  Boxers are very social pets and like to be around people and other dogs.  Therefore it’s really important to get out there and be social with your Boxer.  You can go for walks around the neighbourhood or take your Boxer to a dog park or beach.  If you don’t socialize your Boxer properly they may feel anxious and act uncertain around other people and animals.  So it’s best to socialize your Boxer as much as possible.

Feeding your Boxer

Boxers are medium sized dog and like to eat lots of food.  Therefore you have to be really careful about not overfeeding your Boxer.  If overfed they may get overweight and unhealthy.  You can avoid this by having set meal times and sticking to these.  Don’t give in even if your Boxer begs for food with their big brown eyes.  Contact your local vet for information if you’re not sure how much you should be feeding your Boxer.  They should be able to provide you with the proper information on how much your Boxer should be eating based on their weight and age.

Exercise your Boxer

Exercise is another thing you have to remember when dealing with Boxer issues.  Boxers need lots of exercise!  Go on daily walks, go to the park and play games – all these methods are great ways you can exercise your Boxer.  Your Boxer will love spending the time with you while exercising and it’s great for their health.

Aggression from your Boxer

A scary aspect of dealing with Boxer issues is aggression.  You may notice signs of your Boxer growling or trying to take control.  This can be very scary, especially if you have children.  If your Boxer is acting aggressively then they may be trying to establish their dominant position or leader of the ‘pack’ in your home.   You can stop this by trying to become the leader of the ’pack’ yourself.  This can be done by making sure you always eat before your Boxer and that you always walk out the door first.  However if these methods don’t work you may have to look into taking your Boxer to obedience classes or getting a dog trainer to come to your home.  If aggression isn’t dealt with it can be a frightening thing for your family.

Dealing with Boxer issues may seem difficult!  But the rewards will be well worth it.  Start dealing with your Boxer issues today – your Boxer will be much happier and will love you more for doing so!

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