History of Boxers

Are you interested in learning about the history of Boxers?  You’re in the right place!  Read on to learn some awesome facts about the history of Boxers.History of Boxers

  • It is believed the history of Boxers begins in Germany.
  • The Boxer breed can be traced right back before the sixteenth century.
  • Although Germany claims the breed as originating from there, the Boxer has many other ancestors from around the world that make them the Boxer dog they are today.  These other countries including Spain and France.
  • Some ancestors believed to be related to the Boxer are the Spanish breeds called Spanish Alano and Perro de Presa.
  • Another ancestor that some people think relates to today’s Boxers is the French Dogue de Bordeaux dog.
  • Although they are thought to have a lot of ancestors, the Germans definitely made the Boxer breed their own.   They turned the Boxer into a brave, loving, and fun dog.
  • Another interesting part about the history of Boxers is that Boxers were breed to be great hunters. When catching their prey they were careful and neat making them a popular dog to hunt with.
  • Boxers were also known to be the breed of dog that cattlemen and butchers owned.
  • It is well known that the Boxer breed has some relation to the bulldog, however it is less well known that they also have some terrier blood in them.
  • A fact, worthy of note to do with the history of Boxers is that Boxer Clubs were established in Germany around 1895 but registration for Boxers didn’t occur till the year of 1904.
  • Back in 1904, white was the most common coat color of the Boxer.
  • In 1915 the Boxer breed started to win lots of dogs competitions.
  • A lot of dogs became popular through television and movies such as Lassie or 101 Dalmatians.  In the history of Boxers, the Boxer breed started to become popular in the 1940’s because of the fact that they won lots of competitions.

There you have it –some interesting facts about the history of Boxers.  In today’s world the Boxer dog is a popular breed due to their happy, loyal and energetic nature, which makes them excellent family pets.

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