Info on Boxers

Are you considered adopting a Boxer?  Or do you just want to know more about this amazing breed of dog?  Well then keep on reading to learn some awesome info on Boxers.

Info on BoxersPhysical Description of a Boxer

The following are just some of the great physical attributes of the Boxer breed:

  • Boxers are very muscular dogs.  In particular the Boxers neck and legs are extremely muscular.
  • Boxers will usually reach a height of around fifty-three to sixty-three centimeters and will weigh around twenty-four to twenty-nine kilograms.
  • They have short, large black noses.
  • The Boxer dog has big, beautiful brown eyes.
  • The Boxers tail is set quite high on the body.  Often this tail is docked
  • The Boxers coat isn’t very long and can come in a number of colors including tan, black and fawn to name only a few.

The Boxer Personality

One of the great pieces of info on Boxers is that they have an amazing personality.  The following are just some of these great personality traits:

  • Boxers are extremely loyal dogs that become very attached to their owners.
  • Boxers are also very friendly and loving.
  • Playfulness is yet another one of the Boxers trademark traits.

Exercise you Boxer

One of the pieces of info on Boxers you should know is that this breed requires daily exercise.  Exercise such as going on walks or runs, going to the beach or a dog park and playing games with your Boxer are all great options to choose from.  And not only is exercise great for your Boxers health, but it’s also a great way to bond with your beloved pet.

History of Boxers

When learning info on Boxers, you can’t forget their history.  The Boxer breed originated in Germany a long time ago and they were originally used as hunting dogs.  Today they are mainly used as family pets due to their loving nature.

Health Problems with Boxers

Boxers are typically very healthy dogs.  However, as with every dog breed out there, they are prone to certain health problems.  Some of these health problems include:

  • Heart problems
  • Skin allergies
  • Hearing problems
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer

If you feel your Boxer does have any sort of health condition then book an appointment with your local vet straight away.

It’s also a good idea to schedule in regular vet appointments, even if your Boxer seems in top health.  That way your vet can give your Boxer a once over to make sure everything is in order.

Life span of a Boxer

The Boxer breed will usually live approximately eleven to fourteen years.

Boxer Puppies

If you allow your Boxer to have puppies, then they will usually have a litter of approximately two to fourteen pups.  However, remember Boxer puppies will require a lot of work so make sure you are prepared before going ahead with anything.

As you can see from the above info on Boxers, they certainly are a wonderful breed of dog.  So if you are considering adopting a Boxer as part of your family, then you are definitely making the right choice.

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