Stop Boxer Aggression

You may look at a Boxer and think they are a scary breed.  You may even think that they could be quite aggressive… but remember you can’t judge a book by its cover!  Boxers are in fact not scary at all.  They are an intelligent, fun, loving breed and make excellent family pets.  But like all breeds of dog, with lack of training or mistreating, Boxer aggression is a possibility.  However, you can prevent this from ever happing – read on to learn how to deal with Boxer aggression.

Stop Boxer AggressionThere are lots of things you can do if your Boxer starts to become aggressive:

Make sure you have the power

It is important that you show your Boxer you are the boss and in control.  Start by having rules for your Boxer.  Have set areas your Boxer is allowed in e.g. allow them in the living area but not the bedrooms.  You also need to manage your Boxer’s meal times.  If you have set meal times then your Boxer is less likely to become aggressive over food.  If you have the power, you are less likely to encounter Boxer aggression.

Stay Calm

Never act anxious or worried around your Boxer as they can sense how you are feeling.  If they sense you are not in control they could try and take over your dominant position and this could lead to Boxer aggression.

Boxer aggression with other animals

Boxer aggression can occur between your Boxer and other animals.  If your Boxer gets aggressive towards another animal, try not to act alarmed or get angry.  Make sure you keep your cool and separate your Boxer with the other animal – but only if it is safe for you to do so.  Once separated do not take any notice of your Boxer but instead remove them from where the aggression happened.  This will show your Boxer that you have the power and your Boxer will sense that they have done something wrong.  During this process it is important not to physically hurt your Boxer.

Boxer aggression with people

If your Boxer acts aggressive towards people then this is a serious problem.  An aggressive Boxer could seriously harm a small child.  It is important if you notice Boxer aggression towards people that you get help from a professional dog trainer straight away.  The sooner you stop this dangerous Boxer aggression, the safer the people around you will be.

So to sum up remember these important things:

  • Make sure you have the power
  • Stay calm and collected around your Boxer – they can sense how you feel
  • If your Boxer is aggressive towards another animals only separate them if it’s safe
  • If your Boxer is aggressive towards people then you need to consider getting professional help as soon as possible.

Boxer aggression is rare but it can happen.  If you do come across Boxer aggression, for the safety and security of your family, it is important you get it under control as soon as possible.  If you can’t control it yourself then you may need to look at look at getting professional help.  The sooner it is under the control the sooner you will have more fun with your Boxer.  Start taking control of Boxer aggression today!

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