Stop Boxer Chewing

Does your Boxer have a chewing problem?  Are you favorite shoes getting ruined?  Well, keep reading – the following information will help stop your Boxer from chewing.

Stop Boxer ChewingThere are a number of reasons why Boxers chew – from teething to boredom.  It is also important to note that chewing is a natural instinct for your Boxer and cannot be completely stopped, however it can be controlled.  Keep reading to find out more on how to stop your Boxer from chewing:

You can’t stop the chewing all together

It is important to know you cannot stop your boxer from chewing all together, but you can control it.  You need to teach your Boxer what they can and cannot chew on.  For example if you see your Boxer chewing on your beloved shoe take it away and replace with one of their favourite toys.  When your Boxer is chewing contentedly on the toy give them cuddles and affection.  This will teach your Boxer that chewing on the toy is a good thing to do and chewing on the shoe isn’t.  Soon they will automatically go for their toys, and not your best pair of shoes!

A busy Boxer is less likely to chew

If your Boxer is bored they are more likely to chew things.  Therefore it is important to keep your Boxer busy with things to do.  Ways you can keep your Boxer busy are by going for walks, playing tug of war, playing fetch, going to the beach or just playing in the backyard.  If you go out and leave your Boxer at home make sure they have lots of toys to play with.  This will stop your boxer from chewing things while you’re out.  So remember, a busy Boxer is less likely to chew!

Crate training may help

If you notice your Boxer is still chewing on things while you are out you might have to think about getting a crate.  If you are uncertain about crates then you could keep your Boxer is one room while you are out instead.  This could be the lounge or laundry.  Make sure your Boxer has lots of toys though!

Consistency is the key

Consistency is the key when trying to stop your Boxer from chewing.  Once you have guidelines you need to stick with these.  For example if you don’t want your Boxer chewing on shoes, then don’t give them an old shoe that you don’t use anymore to chew on.  Instead give them only toys to chew on.  Your Boxer will quickly learn what they are allowed to chew and what they are not allowed to chew.  Consistency is the key!

It is important to remember that you cannot stop your Boxer from chewing completely.  But you can monitor and control it.  By using the above important information you should be able to save a few pairs of shoes!  But remember be patient, time and consistency is the key.  So, start today and stop your Boxer from chewing!

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