Stop Boxer Growling

Does your Boxer growl at you or your family?  This can be scary, especially if you have small children.  Therefore it’s really important you stop your Boxer from growling.

Stop Boxer Growling!The alpha leadership position

In the wild, dogs are part of the pack and within this pack they have different roles, one of these being the alpha leader.  Your Boxer may be growling as they are trying to be the leader of your family.  However, in your family, your Boxer should definitely not be the alpha leader.  Instead they should be the least important person of your ‘pack’.  Your Boxer will be happier and calmer if you become the leader instead as they will see you as their protector and provider. There are lots of ways you can become the alpha leader:

  • Feed your Boxer after you and your family have eaten
  • When leaving the house make sure you walk out before your Boxer
  • Give your family attention first when you get home and then your Boxer

Once the roles are in place, your Boxer will know where they stand in the pack and will be less likely to growl.

Playing with your Boxer

You may notice your Boxer growls when you are playing with them.  To stop your Boxer from growling when playing try choosing games that don’t involve anger or dominance such as tugging rope.  Throw a ball or stick and get them to bring it back to you.   Playing these games instead will lessen the chance of your Boxer growling.

Stop your Boxer from growling at the puppy stage

To stop your Boxer from growling when they are a puppy turn them over onto their back until they relax.  This again shows your dominant position and that growling is not okay.  Each time they growl, repeat the same behaviour.  Soon your Boxer will learn that growling is not okay and they will stop to stop.

Stop your Boxer from growling at the adult stage

If your Boxer is grown up and is growling then it will be harder to control.  If establishing your alpha leadership position doesn’t work then you might have to look at going to dog obedience class.  These classes are excellent and will help you stop your Boxer from growling.

So, let’s sum up the main facts about how to stop your Boxer from growling:

  • Establish the alpha leadership position in your family – your Boxer should be at the bottom o your ‘pack’
  • Play friendly games like fetch or frisbee instead of aggressive games
  • Start teaching your Boxer not to growl from when they’re a puppy
  • If all else fails and you can’t stop your adult Boxer from growling then book into an obedience class

You can stop your Boxer from growling – it won’t be easy and it will take time but the rewards will be great.  So start following these tips today – you will soon stop your Boxer from growling.  Your family will feel safer and your Boxer will be a lot happier and calmer.

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