Types of Boxer Dogs

A lot of people want to know if there are different types of Boxers.  There is only one.  But, you will be interested to know there are a number of different Boxer ‘styles’.  Read on to keep learning about different types of Boxers!

Types of Boxer DogsThe style of your Boxer will depend on their bloodline.  Here are the three different styles of Boxers:

  • UK Boxer Dog
  • German Boxer Dog
  • American Boxer Dog

There are very little physical differences between each style of Boxer.  Read on to learn what these differences are.

UK Boxer Dog

As previously mentioned, there are not different types of Boxers, just styles.  UK Boxers physical characteristics are:

  • Elegant or graceful
  • Little paws with high knuckles

German BoxerDog

The German Boxers physical characteristics are:

  • Bigger bone size than the American and UK Boxers
  • Slightly smaller snout
  • Wider thigh
  • Stands slightly different UK Boxer due to their feet shape

American Boxer Dog

The American Boxer’s style differs again:

  • Tighter and shiner coat
  • No wrinkles on the skin
  • Like the German Boxer, the American Boxer stands slightly different than the UK Boxer due to the shape of their feet
  • Wider snout

So the important thing to remember is that there isn’t different types of Boxers, but similar styles.  With time you will be able to tell the difference of each.

Some more questions you might have about the types of Boxers:

How do I figure out what Boxer style I have?

This depends on the bloodline of your Boxer.  If you got your Boxer from a proper breeder then they should be able to tell you if you have an American, German or UK style of Boxer.

Are Bloodlines ever mixed e.g. can UK Boxers be crossed with American Boxers?

Some breeders do mix different styles of Boxers.  So you can own a UK/German Boxer if you wish.

Which is the best style of Boxer?

All styles of Boxers seem to have the same characteristics – loving, fun, energetic.  So there is no ‘best’ style of Boxer.  It depends on what you like.  For example you might like what the German Boxer looks like over what the UK Boxer looks like.

In Summary

  • There are no types of Boxers, only different styles
  • The three styles of Boxers are UK, German and American
  • All styles are similar, there are only some minor physical differences
  • Your Boxer breeder should be able to tell you what style you have
  • All styles of Boxers have the same characteristics

Boxers make amazing pets and now you have learnt that there are no specific types of Boxers, just different styles.  So no matter what style of Boxer you choose you will have a happy, energetic, loving and fun pet!

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